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About me

Avery Walker


Greetings! I'm a senior at Temple University's Klein College, majoring in Media Studies & Production with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies, and a Film Certificate. Set to graduate in May 2024, my academic journey began in the Film & Media Arts program, where I gained a foundational understanding of film as an art form and acquainted myself with essential technologies like cameras, audio, lighting, and editing.

Transitioning into the Media Studies & Production program in my sophomore year expanded my studies to encompass a diverse range of media production. My college curriculum provided a unique blend of traditional film training and contemporary media knowledge, including social media, digital news journalism, mobile media, and insights into media business structures.

As a versatile member of a production team, I bring a dynamic and adaptable presence, excelling in roles related to production, directing, and writing. Beyond my academic pursuits, I've actively immersed myself in social media marketing and digital marketing, gaining valuable experience through internships during my college years. This additional expertise has allowed me to explore the intersection of creativity and strategy in the digital landscape.

I am not only passionate about leading projects that tell authentic, representative stories and shift perspectives but also open to a digital marketing career path. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the media industry's evolution, whether through traditional studio roles or by leveraging my skills in digital marketing. Currently, I am actively seeking a spring 2024 internship that will offer hands-on experience on a professional production team.

Outside of the realm of media, my interests span music, cooking, fashion, animals, and travel.

Pink Sugar



Temple University


Klein College of Media & Communications

  • Major: Media Studies & Production

  • Minor: Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies

  • Film Certificate

Organizational Involvement:

Programming Chair, DKA Professional Cinematic Society

  • A student-led organization focusing on event planning and coordination; head of the Programming department.

Temple SMASH Sketch Comedy Group

  • Collaborative, student-led group involved in the creation of both live and digital content.

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