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Pink Sugar

About me

Avery Walker


I am a senior at Temple University's Klein College in the Media Studies & Production program, with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's studies, as well as a Film Certificate. My expected graduation is May 2024. I spent my first year at Temple in the Film & Media Arts program, which gave me a base study of film as an art form and an introduction to technology (cameras, audio, lighting, editing). I switched to the Media Studies & Production program at the start of my sophomore year, extending and expanding my studies to include all types of media production. My college curriculum granted me a mix of traditional film training as well as knowledge of contemporary media like social media, digital news journalism, mobile media, and media business structures.

My place on a production team is dynamic and adaptable to the task. While my education included a variety of roles in different departments of a film set or project, my strongest skills lie in production, directing, and writing. I am passionate about leading projects that shift perspectives by telling authentic, representative stories. My ultimate goal is to be a producer and director.

As of now, I am looking for a 2023 fall internship that can grant me experience on a professional production team.

My additional interests are music, cooking, fashion, animals, and travel.

Pink Sugar



Temple University


  • Klein College of Media & Communications

  • Media Studies & Production major

  • Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies minor

  • Film Certificate


  • Programming Chair of DKA Professional Cinematic Society: student-ran, event planning and coordination, head of the Programming department. 

  • Temple SMASH sketch comedy group: collaborative, student-ran, live & digital content.

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